a little like that


“ Let us admit to being foolish — claim the inner Fool — I invited someone to join our little community — they are photosensitive — reading gate(less) might induce an involuntary seizure due to my love of creating gifs — In the spirit of yesterday — there was a previous life where I was a neurofeedback specialist — Why? — I made an error and thought we could replicate chemical states without the chemicals — this is common foolishness “
“I get why people are obsessed with sobriety — usually it’s an indicator of some sort of unique deep damage created by a circumstance beyond their control — cultural damage — we all think our damage is what makes us unique — special”
we spend too much time trying to show what our point of view is — Not enough time embracing the view of the universal other”

Well, y’all, it’s that kind of day. Fred still harangues the East Coast — I’m feeling slow, dreamy, hypnogogic. Maybe a few too many flashing gifs?

Con/Jur/d, 8/19/2021