F*! Utility


“Kleptonesia: The stealing of ideas and forgetting from who they came. I was going to tell a story about how I once heard her say to a mutual, ‘Dr. Con and I have a more transactional relationship, since I worked for him, back then,’ but decided the best example of kleptonesia was when I stole the title of a book whose introduction, only I had read when I found out the author was leading a panel I would be on. I made my apologies, read the book, and was daunted then.”
“She did, however, point out this Star Magnolia, and for that I am grateful. The author and I did become friends, although the host of the event introduced me in front of 300 + people as ‘The craziest person he knew',’ there was an awed intake of breath I wear as a badge, along with any changes spring may bring.”
“I have a friend who in my 20s pushed my birthday cake into my face. I deserved it, being overflowing with self-importance. Now she creates gorgeous furniture and captures the beauty of utility. Yes, I still go all over the place, trying to describe the unnameable, unknowable thing in the middle, so I feel sorry for you but worse for those who rarely check their e-mails. This onslaught is best eaten, like whipped cream on one’s nose, one delicate lick at a time.”

Enjoy your day y’all, no matter what perambulation or lack thereof it might bring.

Con/Jur/d, 4/8/2021