Adjunct to 'Working Title'

Now 21 ways to say the same thing

Footnote to 3/23/2021, which being an endnote to the adventures of 3/22/2021, needed a title. I have appropriated said title, from the album “MARY, DON’T TAKE ME ON NO BAD TRIP” in reference, to my friend Mary, who agreed, despite knowing the risks, to take a trip with me to see a new cemetery. In classic, trickster misdirection, when I finished the 3/23/2021 offerings and the smoke from the digital fire had risen to the gods, the above-titled FUGI album made an appearance. I had just finished trying to make a meta-joke about ‘running around,’ so thought the ‘Working Title’ should be changed to reflect, the latest news:

The “make me slip” reference was obviously, a pratfall comment to the log-crossing gif, sans gun of course. Not a huge fan of guns. But can’t complain to Ellington Jordan now.

If you’re one of our readers who doesn’t get the joke or who is asking “WTF is Con/Jur/d on about??” please refer to Delusions of Reference

It’s best to ignore him.

Breathe in his burnt offerings. See how lovely thegateless burns? It burns for you.