Premonitions of Rebirth

8/11/2021 Ask any mother, it ain't gonna be easy

Around here, the staff like to purify their conduits assuring continued creativity conductivity, occasionally mixing things up — What does this mean to you? Unfortunately, it requires a certain amount of active work on your part and a degree of trust which after all this time allowing Conjurd to access your unconscious archives via mediated glyphs and hyperspatial sigils, I hope we have — Not to worry, as of tomorrow, they’ll go back to talking to your Thou rather than your singular you!

In 2000, one study concluded that first-generation Mexican immigrants have better mental health than their children born in the United States, despite the latter group’s significant socioeconomic advantages—a finding, it noted, that was “inconsistent with traditional tenets on the relationship among immigration, acculturation, and psychopathology.” The stress of immigration is assumed to have major mental-health costs, but here the opposite seemed to be true: the longer immigrants remained in a developed country, the worse their mental health became.

Please read the article “A Mind Dismembered” and leave a brief comment on what it means to you and your diagnosis:

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No one but us will get the joke. More appropriately, from the Zen of Being a Jerk, Brad Warner

Not that I would deny his enlightenment — rather enlightenment rid of its western catholic saint bias allows for all kinds of hypocrisies and he is very good at what he does and for those who need a little ‘cool’ authority to nudge them in the direction they want to go.

I know, I know — Why did we have to go where the climate collapse winds blow? Not like any of us have a choice.

Well, y’all, back to our regularly scheduled hyper-adventures tomorrow!

Con/Jur/d, 8/11/2021

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