Getting to the end, again


just this
Con/Jur/d, 4/26/2021

Why didn’t you tell me? 
Did you even know? Don’t let it be
said, I didn’t pass it on, even if you
don’t believe me, and why 

could, would, should 


Certainly, batteries lose their charge
and at key moments, like now,
wearing headphones, listening to
an unfamiliar DJ, who’s got me

wiggling, wagging, hopping

around the house, between
loads of laundry, monitoring
an experimental ragu whose
umami I’m trying to get to 11
without tasting, and a feeling
I need to write,

commit, craft, confabulate

a poem to stave off mortality.
Dancing in my chair, repeating, 
the “This is it” mantra, when
the keyboard charge light 

out, out, out

And I see it clearly, a friend 
brought it up only a single

sunset, sunrise, solar-noon

ago, eternal-return promises 
this will happen,

again, again, again 

A  glorious annoyance,
impedes me from capturing this

hand-waving, hip-arcing, foot-moving

dance in words. 
Lightning captured, fails,
as if Prometheus’s liver 
had never really been
eaten by a rapturous raptor,
who couldn’t believe their luck,
demigod sweetbreads, toxin-free, 
a cycle of 

cantankerous craving, ecstatic satisfaction, pained satiation, 

finally, relaxation, repeats

over, over, over

and since,
despite what we’ve been told,
the gods never punished us,

sure, sure, sure


cajoled, challenged, called

us, to recognize what this
long-now is, 

just this, just this, just this.

Time for a little room cleaning y’all. If you’re just joining us, this is gate(less). Jon Sellers and I referred to it as The Room. Other heterodox traditions have other names. If you find yourself here, know that you are welcome, again, again, and again. I’m glad your here. Right now, your host, sometimes Dr. Con, Sometimes Dr. Concrescence, and sometimes Juris, although always Con/Jur/d, is participating in this year’s “National Poetry Month, 30 poems in 30 days, in order to kick start a few other ‘projects.’

Sit back, relax, and don’t try to understand what’s going on, it helps prevent any injury during re-entry or re-egress.

Much Appreciation,

Con/Jur/d, 4/26/2021