Insult to injury

4/21/2021 Sore arm and that's it after #2

“The boat is going into the water on Cinco de Mayo. I look for the mail truck hoping our tools will arrive for waxing the hull. Being on the water seems distant again.”
Estuary: Loop/Glitch
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       loop/glitch circle            
                Enzo, brush, one
Estuary: Return to Normal
“Human cells make up only 43% of the body's total cell count” -
James Gallagher BBC Radio 4 
Con/Jur/d Day 21

I need to walk away,
against current,
up the river, away from,
the 57 percent 
dark and mysterious,
open to teeming Ocean, 
teeming, teeming.

Our riverine teachers,
lied to us -- Estuaries
are partially closed,

We’re not independent,
cut off from, encircled by
Land an apollonian sterility,
dragonless territories, maps without
certainties, no ‘here be’ or ever, ever
be here, a glorious unknown chimera

ever-shifting, ever-changing, ever-being
an ecotone, from before our birth,
will continue after death,

a great microcosm.
We’re only a tidepool!

Give Up.
Float toward Origin.
Bring finger to cheek,
brush tears to mouth,

taste the sea.

Day 21, I can feel it. Con/Jur/d, 4/21/2021