Recognized as another dog

7/1/2021 Of Canids and Men

“It took me years to learn to love cats. I grew up with dogs. My encounters with them, however, both good and challenging had a particular edge”
Mother, Badger & Father / I’m sure the 2 I encountered today were just hunting badgers. When I asked them where their human was, they went into attack mode. I forget they see me as a packless canid”
“Both the recognition of being a fellow canid & my hypochondria & my perceived death and rebirth made me a good candidate for association with San Lazaro”
“I remember when my partner became enraged I bought a smartphone with a camera. Like the appearance of this photo among the ones in the category ‘dogs,’ it implied less control over me, a return to serendipity”
“Somedays start with a fairy hunt and end standing in the middle of the street a branch from a dying cemetery tree used as a canine shield, while two trucks from either direction stop and watch the clown’s imitation of the lion tamers act”

Another day, y’all. Look at today’s complications as what they are, profound enriching moments for your story.

Con/Jur/d, 7/1/2021 Really? July 1st? WTF? Fellow travelers these temporal eddies are getting weird (er).