Leaving Home

8/18/2021 We all have past lives

“November 1999 — Conjurd as a psychopomp place holder for Papa Ghede during a marriage to the Lwa — They were a popular Baron performing their duties on at least 3 separate occasions”
Papa Ghede’s job is to remind us to lighten up — to not take it so seriously — he may be inevitable — he happens all the time — not just at the perceived end — all the time — what we were and will be — changes — dies — evolves — knowing this — Please have a good time!”
“We ate at a classic Italian American restaurant across from the amusement park I frequented as a teen — Seabreeze — We ate the kind of Italian food being slowly phased out across the USA — Some would argue that was a good thing — It invoked a certain deep nostalgia for a culture and a childhood belonging to one of my past lives — For the first time in 20 years I remembered the name of a game arcade I briefly worked at as a sub for someone else back in 1980 — Fascination — it would have been on a boardwalk across the way where now there is just a parking lot — I wondered ‘Why don’t I remember this place? My parents would have loved it’ — When I asked when they had opened they answered ‘1996’”

Later y’all, maybe we’ll visit with some of my other past lives

Con/Jur/d, 8/18/2021