Planning to fail

9/1/2021 Easier than succeeding?

con/jur/d, 9/1/2021

Sometimes, accused of laziness
poor planning, we frequently forget
the bags when we go shopping. It's
comforting to realize not eating 
fast food, becoming vegan, drinking
each glass to the bottom, switching
brands of smokes

won't save us.
All safety is a theater,
meant to ease the howling uncertainty;
the older we get. the more we see
them failing to get out, the better
we plan for failure, even successes
can have their own bullet points
under Not Knowing, Being Wrong,
Frustrated Intentions,

We all need to be honest;
learning to dance in the rain,
in the smoke, in the record heat,
regardless of limitations.

When being Formless 
is certain, joyous

the only thing worth
doing while we are
Con/Jur/d, 9/1/2021

I respond well to challenges
a poem a day, eating a poet a week
spitting out their bones, on the shore
the shipwreck of our lives,
indifferent to the ones who make it
and the ones who don't. Imagine,
my disappointment: Seeing the smashed
ceramics, below the lake's shallow waves
or the sudden grace

defying definition or automatic category,
what a miracle we witness
if we avoid explanation.

Well, y’all, it’s 9/1 and I’m trying to add a little schedule to the Great Unscheduling imposing itself on all of us. If for some reason, this does not apply to you, it will and sooner than you think. I added the Poem-a-day subclause, for a month, and found myself trying to get out of it already — Therefore, raw, unedited pieces inspired by my ever-expanding photo collection. I hope you enjoyed it.

Con/Jur/d, 9/1/2021

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