Other creature's memories

10/27/2021 Are you sure they're yours?

“The best thing about the relationship was the cat who adopted us — Even the aptly named — ‘Nurse OJ’ — became a part of her elaborate games”
“The house remembered — even when we tried to forget — Once after a ceremony when we were all eating and drinking moving in and out of the smoke — mingling conversations — our Yange’ — who also has returned to where he began — had a long conversation with someone he couldn’t find later — when asked to describe him we were surprised to discover it had been the house’s previous owner dead over 20 years”
“In my experience — memories are not contained in my head — otherwise when losing something — by asking my wife — it would not instantly be found — Did you see where I left my volcano? I ask — and before she can say — How am I to know what you did with your mountains There it is! As if it had never been missing”

Have a lovely day, y’all!

Con/Jur/d, 10/27/2021