That is when the party started

11.11 when reconstructed is the crossroad, a great place for making deals, making another choice, and the most overlooked direction, back where you came from. Although if you agree with the horizontal being linear time, and the vertical the cosmic connection between heaven and earth, or simply stepping out of the illusion of beginning, middle, and end going back makes as little sense as going forward.

Remembering Buddha
Con/Jur/d 3/2/2021

“Because of circumstance & experience
you believe it involves some thought.”
He’s right.
He’s always right.
I’m jealous of friends who articulate.
It took me a while to put on the mantel of language,
to express the experience of being me,
to wrap the 10’000 garments around emptiness,
to act human.

Sometimes, we need people to remind us,
what’s expected of this form.
Sometimes we need to know where the boundaries lie:
“I saw the future & we were eliminated by machine intelligence”
“They were all cooperating with the Archons”
“No one will ever know how many times we saved reality”
“So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow.”
“Hearing it closer the sound is better.”
“Are you carrying any produce, alcohol, or tobacco?”

If I haven’t included your contribution, please
do not be offended, rather be assured we use them
as lights, along the border wall &
each light is simultaneously a beacon & a bomb,
calling to those lost in the Big-empty,
& pulling it down, so we can build it up
to include you & you & you & even

Why, just yesterday, or was it the day before?
I was cooking lunch & sliced fresh red-pepper for a sandwich,
it was going to be baked, so the effect was roasted-peppers.
There were a few slices left,
lunch being overburdened by some judgment
of too much,
I ate them.

I ate them raw.
“Sweet, sour, wet a hint of fresh & a certain reciprocity”
They ate me.
Who can tell the difference?
& I saw the light on a high wall.
& without thinking, ran & ran
it exploded &
I stepped through,
the gap,

to be greeted by you & you & you
welcoming me, home.