Ebb and Flow

How was I closer at 18 when it's always equidistant?

“One of the first quotes I heard that let me know this was ‘real?’ When he asked us, ‘What’s the most important part of your life? The beginning middle or end?’”
“If I could communicate one thing to young Seekers it would be, the great lie is its a series of hierarchies or steps; we’re taught once you’ve climbed certain steps, become an adult, the view will be different. It’s true and the shift is fantastic, think the entire “It gets better’ movement. Where the lie, or at least the ‘sin of omission’ happens, is believing the You standing on a new step is different, a different you — also true — as long as you acknowledge the perceiver doing the perceiving in any given moment is the same. The ‘You’ at any moment, any now, will always be, is the same you, with a different surface and sometimes a different body.” To clarify, the ‘You’ referred to in the preceding title can be seen better by playing a simple game: https://www.thegateless.org/p/when-i-waswill-be-the-game renamed ‘The I Am Glossary,’ for brevity’s sake.
What we are looking for is what is looking”- Misattributed to St. Francis of Assisi, although I have solid evidence from a gutter-punk I ran into on Haight street in 1990, panhandling for condoms, it was attributable to San Francisco, a completely different limb on the hyperobject’s body.
“These were taken on 3.14 (Misattributed to Pi day, as Charles Stross said on his Twitter account ‘Will someone tell, the Americans April doesn’t have a 31st?’) and I should get back out there to get some new bling to attach to the absence of gate.”
“When I turned 18 I could legally drink alcohol in New York, since then I believe the change in drug laws to 21 has irreversibly damaged an entire generation. As illustrated above, no matter what you believe an experiment can go horribly wrong — my attempt to make a ‘Black & Tan with Harp and Guinness.”

Hope the week is starting with a middle and not a beginning or end! Of course, that’s up to us.

Con/Jur/d (Tuesday, huh?)