I wonder if he looked surprised?

Did he go for a walk? Did he forget his way home? Or joyfully not look back?

Jon Sellers 5/10/1964 to 2/?/2021 - I had just finished yesterday’s Gate(Less) when I received a messenger notification from his sister. “If you didn’t hear Jon is dead.” I know I said yesterday I wouldn’t make another public post but one should never make occult decisions while under the influence of grief. I took the above picture in 2014 down in LA while acting a part as myself in a never-released television pilot. Due to our ex-girlfriend’s influence, he had stopped smoking and drinking, saying he would make an exception for Arak.
Our last e-mail exchange 1/21. Some part of me knew it would never happen. At least we don’t have to rely on technology, life-circumstance, or distance to chat anymore. The label HIP is a relic from our plot to create a non-profit library, the same ploy used by a multitude of ‘occult’ societies to achieve their non-profit status without submitting to the monotheist gaze. The Heretics Institute. Fulfilling a promise made in the email call and response:
In many ways, he was a slightly younger brother from a radically different mother. He was born 5 days after me in 1964 and although we had very different experiences, growing up on opposing coasts, we understood each other in ways impossible to scry without reference to astrology and exotic intoxicants. I’ll write more soon. As I said to a mutual friend yesterday, “Processing.”