How the living FK

10/26/2021 is she 20 today?

“My chief feature may be a culture defying laziness — well — t really depends on which me or when me — But most mes ended 20 years ago — although it would take many years and many ways to admit it truly and deeply”
“She was turning 3 and I went to visit her for the first time in Maine — Near the hotel in Portland was a Mexican restaurant we went to for convenience — On the table — they put a decent hot salsa — while we were waiting she followed my lead and began dipping and munching — without flinching or tears — since then we have often chased the fire together”
“Although we have done — will do — are doing — watching someone else going from caterpillar to butterfly is awe-full — awe-sum — revolutionary”
“On 12/17/2021 it will be 27 years since my Omolu headwash — after the ceremony — while still incorporated — I lay down with my soon to be first wife and 7 years later her mother — Omolu and I chatted and danced in the hypnogogic for a few hours — when I came back into my body fully at 7 AM — I heard him say clearly and distinctly — ‘I will change your life completely in 7 years’ — This was indeed true and despite the self-imposed suffering I went through — I will never have any regrets she came into her life”

Well, y’all, a rainy fall day and my daughter’s 20th birthday. Life is beautiful.

Con/Jur/d, 10/26/2021