The end of complaining

4/3/2021 cannot be imagined, only lived

“A bridge implies change, crossing to the other shore, I find its best done while walking or sitting. It begins when you ask yourself the question, ‘Whose head is this?’
“Tomorrow is Easter, which means be careful, The 47A Mouth @thewindow, has ordered his followers to collect heads, for the indignity of having to excrete calcified mammalian eggs. Warning! Disguises will not work! Please respond appropriately to any ‘bustle in the hedgerow’ and call local animal control with the emergency code 47A activity”
The Complaint 
4/3/2021 Con/Jur/d

-- Happiness is always reflected 
in the taillights, it seems, she said

-- I never had a drivers license, I said
It’s a family heirloom,
neither did my mother or brother.

-- Ah yes, raised by serious complaint,
she said, many were made by it.

-- When I was too young she often said,
‘I don’t love your father’ or
‘We grew up with more laughter.’

-- No wonder you find it all funny,
giggling mid-argument.

-- It’s seriously-funny living 
a life of endless complaint.

Con/Jur/d 4/3/2021