Cults of Authority

we'll hover around 18 for a little while

“The first apartment we stayed in Copenhagen, was just temporarily abandoned, so the 5 of us could use it for our first few days. I couldn’t help but be tickled by a Sandoz pharmaceuticals box in the bathroom — it’s an uncommon label in the US and for a drug geek like me, it makes me smile. When I was 18, my life changed due to a product they manufactured. I feel deeply disturbed when younger heads don’t know who Albert Hoffman is.”
“The apartment we were staying in overlooked a public park, apartment building on all sides created a tree-filled communal courtyard. I realized I was jealous of European cultures, who not being run solely by sociopaths, smell like democracy. I was sitting with the ‘Unmovable Tree’ then and realized the first Cult of Authority we have to leave is our own.”