Digital Ghosts

As'e Oya Yansa, ashe! 9 the realm of ghosts and ancestors

“I suggest you head to the marketplace, take a left at the end-stage capitalism towers, refill your mojo bag with anything the little ones offer,” said the Mother of 9 “and when there, see A Glitch in the Matrix. First, make sure you are armed with:

“Pay particular attention,” she said, “To the myth of Plato’s cave.” From the floor, I said “ Don’t worry mother it’s how I used to tease my ex-wife when we were arguing, Get out of the cave! Stop staring at shadows.”

Maybe, WADE DAVIS said it best in One River, about the experience of escaping one simulation, he tells this story of the Mamas, “ The young acolytes are taken away from their families at the age of two or three, sequestered in stone huts in a world of darkness and shadows for eighteen years (two nine-year periods deliberately chosen to mimic the nine months of gestation they spent in their natural mother’s womb) so that they are metaphorically in the womb of the great mother. During that entire time, they are indoctrinated in the values of their society, values that maintain the proposition that their prayers and their prayers alone maintain the cosmic or ecological balance. At the end of this arduous initiation, they suddenly are let out by the priests, the mamas, and before first light, suddenly, in that crystal moment of awareness of their first dawn, everything they have learned in the abstract is affirmed in stunning glory as they see the sunrise over the flanks of the Sierra Nevada. The priest sort of steps back and with his body language says, you see it is as beautiful as I said.”

As she whirled me faster and faster Oya said. “Let yourself be confused. Try not to hold on to any silly ideas, let them play like yellow leaves in the dry wind. And when you're ready, bring me an eggplant.” She laughed, “You know the space and the place.”

I much enjoyed A Glitch in the Matrix, y’all. If you aren’t following the more than talking, head, Erik Davis please do so:

The Burning Shore

Meanwhile, off to do my follow up reality-hacking with Weird Studies

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