Plotting and planning replaces

10/28/2021 experiencing

“Plans for the sake of planning tend to pretend they’re me — they come and go — rarely manifesting — saying — without us how will you survive the future? I won’t — none of us do”
“They live their lives as a sort of temporal blur around the point where their body actually is—anticipating the future, or holding onto the past” Sir Terry Pratchett —Wyrd Sisters
“They’re usually so busy thinking about what happens next that the only time they ever find out what is happening now is when they come to look back on it.” Sir Terry Pratchett — Wyrd Sisters
“They learn how to fear because they can actually tell, down at the subconscious level, what is going to happen next. It’s already happening to them." Sir Terry Pratchett — Wyrd Sisters
“For the last few weeks — my ancestor has judged me with his puritanical gaze — as I pass — I plan to be rid of this scrap as soon as I clean and organize the room — despite all the planning — it remains crowded with judgments — bad memory — and laziness”

Well, y’all, what stories do you tell yourself to avoid doing and being? I came clean about my anti-clean, and so can you.

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Con/Jur/d, 10/28/2021