“My wife at the time had written 3 short plays — for an ensemble of playlets called ‘Mapping the Box’ — In one she has an affair with a high school sweetheart who metaphorically raises our daughter — after the divorce — for a period of time they were married”
“My neurofeedback mentor couldn’t understand why people were canceling their biofeedback sessions — Being British — he understood the consequences of Empire better than his US-born counterparts”
“We had tried several times before to have a child — The day we decided not to go through with the fertility treatment was the day she got pregnant”
“ 8 months in and we had both put on some weight — We were fairly unhappy when our East Coast families called so early and told us to turn on the television”
“Let us chat — What — after 20 years — are you grateful for? Are there better stories to tell? Pull up a stump and we’ll see where this goes”

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Con/Jur/d, 9/11/2021