Sunday Sundries

6/27/2021 It's all about you

“Prompt: Maybe your purpose is to give your Shadow something to stick to and although we think of our Shadows as flighty shallow things, maybe they persist, while we weave together a story to make up for the missing story between the permanent Shadow”
“Here’s a clear example: The Foot, apparently beneath the orange sock, the part of us in touch with the ground, gives a sense of solidity to our story, begins to come apart, unravel into its component parts in the absence of the Shadow. Look a part has fallen out of the heel allowing the drill bit and spade to slip in its absence”
“No, no the Feather and the Walking Stick have nothing to do with us. They belong with Platonic Solids, Monads, Mirages, and Shadows in the World of Permanence, free from our dreams and attachments”
“More proof we live in the Mirage world — Our digital faultless cameras can capture the illusion of water on a bone dry road. Where the Shadows live, you can only photograph what is really there, and never what is absent”
“From the Mirage’s point of view in the World of Permanence, this is what I called a bone dry road”

Later y’all. Got a couple of solo days while Tracy travels. I’ll see you soon.

Con/Jur/d, 6/27/2021