Living in the Past

is as impossible as living in the Future 20:20


“From there to here involved multiple steps, all fraught with the early-days angst of unknowable & invisible transmission. Getting off the Ferry in Red Hook on St. Thomas, we were forced into a crowded shared cab, no one wearing masks, the only disinfectant was the banana air freshener, giving a sickly undertow to the flop-sweat of visitors leaving for uncertain futures. Our West Indian driver was an evangelical listening to the Sunday megachurch sermon whose heavily accented preacher was decrying COVID-19 as a plot by Satan and saying the only cure was the panacea of Jesus.”

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“As we navigated the 1.5 lane roads at a speed more falling than forward on the high, high cliffs, our driver would mutter ‘Hallelujah,’ in response to the radio’s bursts of static.”

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“Reaching our resort, next to the Charlotte Amalie airport, the selective adherence to health & safety protocols further accentuated the certainty I was going to die, not in the displaced future-now, but the immediate now”

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Con/Jur/d 3/22/2021