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8/5/2021 Calling a Thou

“The day I left California, one last time on Russian River, called Thou to the water, the fish, the redwoods, the birds and the whole family (2 mostly humans, 2 mostly dogs, 2 mostly cats)”

Yesterday, I called out to two friends who stopped by the airport just to say “Hi” while waiting for a plane in Charlotte NC. I was certain I sent it to everyone, but again, the simulacra that inhabit our Spectral Society undermined my certainty and I sent it only to premium members. Here it is in all of its sleep-deprived redeye glory:

Gate (Less)
“Capitalists ruin everything — Flying once was a marvel, a joy, a miracle — Now its an extractive industry with more in common with aerial animal husbandry than any scientific or humanist endeavor…
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“When you acknowledge the existence of the Other by calling them Thou, your weak egoic iting takes a back seat”

Hey, y’all. Back on the east coast settling back in. Sorry about yesterday but if you care to catch up on the minutia of this long, getting stranger, trip the link is above.

Con/Jur/d, 8/5/2021