A tale as old as

18.5, time, whichever came first

“I suggested doing a sermon titled ‘Getting over, getting over being raised, Christian.’ The Shadow of Christianity, being a prominent feature of our culture’s psychopathology, it can be hard to remember the good once you’ve seen it.”
“I cooperatively removed the virgin-myth with a born-again around 18.5. It sealed my turn to atheism started during my confirmation, when instead of revelation, I was confronted by hairless apes who believed our present was determined by tribal sociopaths in the distant past.”
“One of the problems of Former-anythings, smokers, crack users, drunks, excessively-heavy, pacifists, militarists, meat-eaters, vegetarians, Christians, Atheists, glue-huffers, Satanists, Skeptics, Rationalists, an endless parade of the Ex ‘this that or the otherthing’ is they believe the new story is ‘real,’ more real than their former story, forgetting that even a broken clock is ‘correct’ at least twice a day, depending on what current story you believe about time.

Happy Friday y’all! (For those who are currently subject to the weekend story) Composed on 3/18/2021 Con/Jur/d