Where we left off

6/24/2021 Thinking of you

“Sometimes we don’t understand what they want from us. I spoke to an alien yesterday, one who I slept with once, although after, I understood there is such a thing as bad sex, and who I’m not quite sure what part of me she wants. I’m assuming it’s in the past, therefore dead, and useless to me now”
“Those of us who have been here awhile understand who we see in the mirror, on social media as a selfie, or just a CGI version generated on the water wave/wave, is a stranger”
“I know you’re scolding me saying, ‘What if she sees this?’ but she doesn’t own a computer, which I admire, yet in this case, it’s to maintain the illusion of Hell”
“Of being alone and away from God. And as a practicing atheist (Because in truth you can never arrive, the questions are never-ending, why something instead of nothing doesn’t need a God-sized hole but it certainly warrants practice) one can become jaded to claims of creating ‘your own reality,’ although in most cases it’s a lie which happens to be true”
“Someone said, ‘There are no Others’ and now I understand what the we that is me, wants from us. A. An affirmation of their suffering is unique, singular worthy of a gleam of respect in Time’s eye (Firstborn, and by that I mean this is their first time around, always feel this way) - WE shouldn’t give them an excuse because although it is true ultimately, it matters only to the temporary meat-sack. B. To be reminded how we are the architects of our own suffering - Right now, our lives may appear to be separate from them, yet the mistakes on the nature of Heaven and Hell remain identical”

Love y’all, and no judgment. Choose Heaven or Hell but remember you chose, not the wave next door whose choosing is suspect. ‘til next time.

Con/Jur/d, 6/24/2021

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