Looking for the important tree


“Around here someplace, he told me to take the trail past the grapevines, the overgrown brush pile with its spider, squirrel, and badger condos, into The Woods, and then head into the Wayback, where I lost the arrows the time we played golf, before the Vine City.”
“‘What makes it important?’ ‘What a silly thing,’ I said ‘why would a tree or any other person be important?’ ‘Well, there is Blake? ‘O yes, of course, Blake’”
“‘The tree was important to you?’ ‘Yes, it was’ ‘Was?’ “Well it’s smaller now and people prefer geocaching with their phones, to hiding secrets for future generations.’ ‘What secrets?’ “Well you think it’s the Oneworld tree, but as you grow older, if you pay attention, it becomes the many.’

Happy Monday, Y’all.

Con/Jur/d, 4/19/2021

P.S. Today’s poem is the modified haiku above with the running gif;-)