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Burning Shore
Apocalypse Now and Then
In this post I riff on re-watching Apocalypse Now Redux in the lingering shadows of 9/11, and find that it resonates with many of the concerns that fuel the Burning Shore. But first, a few announcements. As always, it may be more pleasant to read in your browser; just click the title and you are there. —…
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“Dr. Davis back when I first read his masterful sophomore project “Techgnosis” inspired my favorite definition of a ‘Great Critical theorist’ — A great critical theorist is one who expresses what you ‘think’ — in your depth — far better than you ever could”
“I often use his Led Zepplin IV for 33 1/3 as an example of what I mean by a Critical-assay — A critical-assay differs from a critical essay by how the perpetrator/writer — koan like — becomes the subject/object “
“Being a few years older than Erik I first saw Apocalypse Now when I was 16 at a special screening on the U of R campus with my D&D cohort — nonetheless — it was the perfect time to see it”
“For my Brother's birthday this year — he had envisioned a 24-hour movithon with everyone selecting a couple of their most influential movies — It didn't play out that way but I purchased a copy of Apocalypse Now Redux and brought it to California where between one thing and another  we didn't get to it — it sits unopened below our TV where every day I've thought — I need to watch it again”

Here's the excuse — TY Dr. Davis for lighting a fire under it.

Con/Jur/d, 9/24/2021