The Discontents of Time

4/17/2021 We never know where we are on the 17th

I’m in rushed and lazy mind today. Everything sticks with a short, electric snap.

Today’s poem and then, maybe a nap or the murder mystery equivalent;-)

After Image and Other 2 Word Visions
Con/Jur/d 4/17/2021

Old growth,
shagged bark,
occupied hollow,
feral hedge,
explodes yellow,
entwines green,
accents white.

Shadows boil,
leaves flail.
Shriek & squeak,
branch shudders,
quiet thumping.

Smell rain,
taste iron,
feel clouds,
breath shortens.

Something moves!

Hurry home,
after scene.

Enjoy a lazy Saturday y’all. Much Love,