From the beginning I was exhausting

7/12/2021 Hanging with the dead

“I’m fairly certain this is where my Latvian Grandparents lived — I once told my Mom, I loved my Grandmother slightly more — The look in her eye was the birth of empathy”
“Here’s a better picture of her — If you look above the rod you can see one of the transdimensional drones following my family from the old country”
“I called my Latvian Grandparents Didi and Maat as soon as I was able to verbalize — Once, one of my Mother’s grad students who happened to be an Egyptologist was visiting and asked how I knew ancient Egyptian? Turns out, Didi and Maat mean Old Man and Old Woman in ancient Egyptian”
“My Mother started believing in reincarnation because of the Egyptian names and in my bedroom, in this house, I would scream, scream, scream at night — Eyes wide open they wouldn’t be able to wake me — I remember hearing marching in the basement, coming up the stairs and marching, marching toward my door”
“Here’s a view of the House from the back — While I was trying to fall asleep a few nights ago, I was thinking about the slight rise on the right corner of the house where I would hide beneath the branches of that tree and cry when called to do so — Just behind the cameraperson is where the stump my father would try to burn out, lay and where I fell into the embers — In the foreground where the shadows collect, is where the fire circle for the girl guides was built — For years I thought a dream I had of the fire circle was how I was burned — Not until the age of 12 when my Mother heard me telling my scarification origin story to a friend, was I set right”

Well, y’all, being the kind of readers, thinkers, pattern recognizers you are, I think you may have gathered a direction this week will probably go. I’ll try to avoid spoilers.

Con/Jur/D, 7/12/2021