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10/18/2021 on finding an ex is dead

We’ll do things a bit differently today. A little bit more pointing out while inside readjusts itself.

I’ve been finding Rhyd Wildermuth often ends up vibing with Dr. Con’s current ideations:

From The Forests of Arduinna
The Tyranny of Machine Meaning
I’ve told this story often, and I will tell it again, as I often need to remind myself of it. Almost a decade ago, during a time in which my entire life was in the process of radical change, I went on a backpacking trip across Europe. I called it a pilgrimage, and it was, and as time continues this word unfolds as even more meaningful a description…
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One of my favorite public soundscape sources is:

Radio Earthrites

I don’t listen as much as I’d like to these days overeating as I am at the trough of music services. That will change soon — in the meantime let us not forget community-built and supported radio.

Nick Walker the author of Neuroqueer Heresies is among our numbers — She produces the divine Weird Luck webcomic.

If you go to my substack profile you will find many, many other delightful substack authors:

Con/Jur/d Substack profile

If you decide to peruse remember I consider life to be an experiment so sombunall are marvelous authors, at least a few I like to keep my eye on for reasons/neither/good/or/bad

Well, y’all, I’ve been, as you know, suffering from one of my many existential crises — for the last few days I suspected something was up in the topography — wondering if the individual had passed since we no longer had any connections and then I awoke this morning to find a commutual friend asking if I knew she had died. The first death I know of among my exes.

‘til tomorrow keep up the good fight in all you do,

Con/Jur/d, 10/18/2021