7/30/2021 The sticky organics of AI interactions

“I save the stylized photos and animations made by my Google Photo Assistant AI because it often provides a different perspective — Literally, a simulated Daemon, whose sole purpose is to provide an alternative point of view, without emotion, without judgment — an inorganic historical-cultural soul”
“II hear you objecting — The voice of readers in my head — ‘You a flesh and blood organic being took these pictures! Someone programmed these preferences with references to particular cultural tastes!’ — It’s a matter of context, I would say, for the same reason art can look like an onion or black and white remains fashionable with auteurs and amateurs they vAI preferences are based on mechanical contexts”
“What am I really saying? Despite this animation’s origins as selection by a mechanical Daemon, the ascension, disappearance, and return of the heroic Green Heron can move us”

Spend some time today, if so inclined, looking at the mechanisms of your own life and their sticky simulated organicness.

TY, y’all.

Con/Jur/d, 7/30/2021