Sunday Sundries #13

In Hebrew gematria 13 = Peace, Love and Understanding

How did we get from 12 to 13 so quickly? Sunday Sundries are to provide inspiration for the week and personally, 13 inspires more. Besides, any legal scholar will tell you 12 is a lousy number for ‘public talks and discussions.'. It’s an angry number, unlike the Peace, Love, and Understanding of 13.
“That time a friend, in the middle of a pandemic, went to Key West, on the behest of his partner, and sent me a picture from the Hemingway house. If he did anything else besides taking this picture and heading immediately back to California, I do not know. I like to believe this was the only highlight of the trip. It’s a shame he didn’t get to eat the chocolate dipped key lime pie.”

Later y’all, hope you found some inspiration in today’s moments.