Something about stairs


This is a ‘found’ guest post while I take a little break and follow my gnome mentor out to do a little something, something outside. I really wouldn’t bother with it since the Google Daemon put more effort into it than I did. On the other hand, if you can imagine you’re driving somewhere you’ve never been, and the GPS is on the fritz and you, feeling increasingly disoriented, are seeing things out of the corner of your eye, “Wait, wait, is that a gnome with a wheelbarrow? And does someone with a green big toe use those stairs?” And so you turn on the only radio station you can find that isn’t the worst kind of country, or someone trying to extract your would through your wallet, and they’re having some kind of count up? WTF? and you hear: “13”
And you go by a pub and think it might be a good place to get directions and then you remember what happened the last time you visited a pub named after a suspiciously reptilian amphibian and what happened. You reflexively tighten your hand on the wheel and your tongue feels a phantom buzzing and your vocal cords begin to vibrate with a suppressed and secret word. You gratefully embrace the interruption when you hear “14.”
Radiohead! Finally a song I recognize. Wait, if I can’t drive I’m certainly in no shape to fly. Where are all the people? O gods, I really can’t do this on my own. “16”
At least I’m driving again. Maybe it was because the song was kinda hot? Pulled me back in? Hey, I know those people! “Hey, Hey, How you doing? How did I get here? Hello, Hello?” “17”