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11/24/2021 Where am I?

Can I get collagen from plants?

But thanks to some groundbreaking new research, scientists have been able to re-create the amino acid structure of collagen by breaking down various plant proteins (like hemp, soy, and pea protein) and re-combining specific amino acids to mirror the amino acid structure of collagen.Oct 18, 2018

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A whirlwind of emotions
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The Mouse Before Mickey
'A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on.' -- Bill Burroughs

-- Our best scientists, she said
echoing over the vast-vast, 
of course, as we know she’s dead now,
the echo’s range has doubled, the vast has been squared.

-- Our best, needs an anchor, a hook, something to hold to,
hold to, hold. For some, like her, the vast-vast is too, too much.
Today, I grabbed, was grabbed, out of the infinite horizon,
a finite land appears, by these words, “Mice with Hallucination 
like behaviors.” Of course, it goes without, with outsaying,
-- Our best scientists,

Insaying,-- Those who use the method best,
our best scientists like to torment mice, the Method must
demand it. Demand, de-manned, not unmanned,
only man, can be so crew L L.

Wait where were we? The World horizon is immediately vast?
Right, right: My first stuffed animal was a mouse, called
Pelite, an immigrant name for genus Mus,
according to our best, best? Right, right “reveal insight into, 
into psychotic illness” But later, how it happened back-then

when we were raised by scientists, our emotions were 
manufactured by Disney, or so it seemed, for example
from the article: “a rigorous approach to study how hallucinations,”
see only our best can be rigorous, “published April 2 in the journal 
Science,” and serious, like not crying when my grandmother died

and then I saw ‘Bambi’ and I wept like a child, I was only 6
after all, I didn’t understand the vast-vast, needed someone,
someone, like our best, best to narrow it, bring it in narrowly.
to “objectively measure.” “This innovative approach allowed”

the best of the best, or as I said it then -- The bestest, 
“to study the neural circuits underlying hallucinations”
to cut up the vast-vast into offal and prime cuts, to vivisection
“mental symptoms to the kind of scientific studies 
that have been so fruitful for diseases 

of other parts of the body,” To be fair, I should declare,
-- A conflict of interest, I incorporate and embody the body
in the vast-vast. Our best disagree with me, stating unequivocally,
“It’s so easy to accept the argument that psychosis 
is a fundamentally human thing and say, 
‘Forget about mice’.” I wish I could,

the laughter Pelite and I spoke, in the back, back
also known in the parlance of the time as the Wayback,
sonically ex-expanding, singing places to be
in the vast-vast way-wayback, never believing,

while knowing it was absolutely true what Pelite said,
it hadn’t been explained by the bestest sciency scientists,
“Expecting to hear a certain word 
makes it more likely that people,”

We must assume the ratty
worn grey/black mouse who whispered -- Vast-vast
in turn, waited expectantly for me to reply 
“report that they have heard it,” 

-- Our best ...

“even when it wasn’t spoken.”

Well y’all, the presses are loaded. We’ve put three days to bed banking on the YOUR FUTURE WRITTEN YESTERDAY paradigm.

Much Love,

Con/Jur/d, 11/24/2021

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