Out of my head

14: Wave returns to Ocean

“A neighbor’s house sits calmly despite the threat.” Con/Jur/d 3/8/2021 I should mention in Integral Voodoo # 14 belongs to Yemanja. Some information is important, you never know when you might need immediate access. If you’re wondering how we could not mention Papa Gede wrapping up 13, I’d argue he’s ever-present:
This isn’t about Papa Ghede or the Baron or even Maman Bridgette no matter how close they are to me (or you) — Every few minutes a new group of joggers run past my window — I went out before the temperature rose above freezing — It’s about how melting ice forms a drop, a rivulet, a river, flows via cloud or earth into the ocean, is constantly in motion, even before its warm enough for the runners to come out.
Salt is considered in certain circles to be the ultimate cleanser. All winter long salt from ancient ocean beds, before Yemanja, stood upright on 2 legs, and her relationship with Aganju was more tempestuous and violent, is distributed to keep the water back, to turn it back into the ocean. If you need to unburden yourself and remember spring bring sea salt into your shower and wash thoroughly. Even if you don’t believe, don’t you feel better?