After Father's Day

6/22/2021 let it melt

“We promised ourselves we wouldn’t get Dad’s body, and he’s managed to avoid it, mostly. I get confused about what age I am, and what’s true, and what’s dysphoria”
“It’s hard to remember what it was like before glassine surfaces augmented our real, militarized our unconscious. Now when we want to ‘kill the cop inside’ we fear no one will remain. This view at the back gate of the National Guard Armory gets deeper and funnier indicating we’re on the right track”
“I heard, ‘We’re the wind passing through.’ An important guideline for dealing with our inner-father, the judge and enforcer of arbitrary laws or feel things can or should return to normal with its destructive glamour of permanence”
“Don’t tell, show. Here’s the house I grew up in from 1970 to 1982. The door of which my father is opening in the first picture. Much has changed. I helped or at least watched the planting of those trees. This picture was taken on April 3’rd 2021

Well, y’all, heading back to the boat today for a few days. Apparently, this month is my ‘substack’ anniversary. Thanks to y’all, for letting us be being gate(less) together.

Con/Jur/d, 6/22/2021

This made me so happy. Your results may differ. “Can you think of anything that talks other than a person?”