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The menu is not the meal. The number is not the math.

One must be careful when choosing an art: Some things will become more achingly beautiful, others will be ruined by want of an instrument or a desire for better technique unless art becomes everything and anything, it becomes you.
I didn’t plan our food as well for our recent trip. I’m not sure why, maybe, at some level, I didn’t think we would go. I love cooking. I love eating. Some of my favorite memories are around food, its consumption, its preparation, its discovery. I always had mixed feelings about the food-porn infesting our social-media accounts, until I started doing it myself. There is something about eating with our eyes first, although, I would argue, often we start eating with our nose long before we see the food. If you could smell this what would it smell like? Is rustic a smell? Has the wood lost its sappiness? Is that bacon or mushrooms? I’m sure, woodiness would play a part in that. I know of a frequent faster who takes cooking classes when fasting, claiming the food-satisfaction of eyes & nose more than makes up for his hunger. Just for fun get a piece of citrus lemon, lime, orange, or something more exotic like yuzu. Smell it taste it now look at the picture again. Has it changed? Or have you?
I used to use psychedelics as a palette cleanser. Not necessarily during a meal or its making, a process inherently dangerous with potentially great rewards, rather around the process of eating since it can become habituated and heavy. Our culture is good at creating a permanent state of indigestion, turning us from wild geese into foie gras for someone else’s table.
The process begins before we are born, potential without fermentation. I always liked Hyatt’s reminder “We think bacteria are for culture, it is good to remember culture is for bacteria.”

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