Sitemap - 2022 - gate(less)

A little late

The Dailies

Circle of Life

Music shines on / casts a shadow

Like a collection of things

An imperfect list


Sunday Sundries


What happens before

The weather said "Yes and More"

Winter Solstice 2022


A Verse from Diamond Sutra translated by Red Pine

Sunday Sundries

The forgetting

Friday Flurries

Quickly, quickly

The Other Side

Spirals & Cracks

Monday Sundries

poetry written on the back

Sometimes I take pictures

No Saints

Understand, it's not very good

Plausible Deniability

Sweet Potato


Rainy day

Reflections from multiple surfaces

Methods of practice

Sunday Sundries

One door, one tree

Like a simile or a metaphor

Why it matters

Almost, but not quite

I used to tell stories

Sunday Sundries

After words

Feast or Fast

Thanksgiving Day, 2022


The Glitch Real : shuffle doesn't work?

When I remember it's for me

Sunday Sundries

Then & Now

The Strange Case of d.

A long relaxing sigh

below the story

Unreliable Narrators

How it works


Sunday Sundries

"Very well then I contradict myself

How it all works

Self Reflection

Excuse me, I'll be back in a moment

After seeing the red

The moment before

Blood Moon

Èpa Hey Oyá!

Days like these

So tired

Extractive Services

I often feel like crying

What was I saying?

Sunday Sundries

More poetry

Too much

Ball of confusion

A shadow

Leaves fall

Angels eating mushrooms in the cemetery

Sunday Sundries


We spend our lives building a stage

Alone, in the night

wriggling judgements

Winding in, in, in,

Signs, Symbols & Portents


Little Things

People who walk the cemetery

I'll save the title for a better day

Happened Again

Dukkha (HERE)

Always waking up

Sunday Sundries

Greed, Ignorance in October

Blank Slate

We pretend,

Gone, gone, gone beyond

Popping back into manifestation

Down day

Filling in the gaps

Sunday Sundry


Day into day, hour into hour, second into second, and

Facing 8' waves

Eternal Return

Eating out beyond the point

High Surf Warning!

The Eldridge Horror

Even gale force winds

My day

Off adventuring

Fading into the new

We make ourselves miserable

Sunday Sundries Deferred

On the boat

You're invisible when you sit

Story Teller vs. Story Liver

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp

Our grandfather’s hands

There are things we could say

A New World


To create a better world

The problem starts with knowing

One of the problems with memory


We all need this kind of day

Sorry, I don't understand

Sunday Sundries

The Art of Surprise

Caving in


Because we named it


After the (cult)ural enforcer left

A word about gate(less) poetics


Sunday Sundries

That's not what happened

That's not what happened

What we return to

After the scare

Here comes the sun

Even in camp

Tracy's Birthday

Sunday Sundries

I didn't know I had it in me

You need to get there early

Lock & Key

Cults of Joy


Humming along

Sunday Sundries

Angels & Insects

The Cult of Productivity

Friday Flim & Flam

Stumps & Moss

Too hot, too cold, too lonely, too crowded

7 miles out

From the Boat

Saturday Sundries

Little did we know

Depends upon

Every moment a new world

An Illustrated Guide

Sunday Sundries

Did you go for a walk today?


You feel the ghosts coming in and out of you

On the observation of ghosts

As we know

Standing/ on your phone/ in the rain

Humbled by the fly in the bathroom

Sunday Sundries


Leave an open seat at the table

See no evil

Catch and release

Prayer won't keep you from getting dirty

No coffee today

Sunday Sundries

Saturday Salvation

The way it is with these situations

Breaking out

I know tomorrow will be different

Living with uncertainty

Why should your voice be singular?

Sunday Sundries


Don't listen to music when you're

bits and pieces

The day can't make up its mind


The Fourth in 2022

Another Sunday Sundries

Despite everything

Hit a Wall

Impulse control

The brightest moments will never be photographed

Arriving to yourself

Off today

Sunday Sundries

swimming with da fishes

In the office

Reclaiming autonomy

When the night got longer

Summer Solstice 2022

Afraid of motion

Quickly, quickly!

As this life is not a gate - Jane Hirshfield


New around here

Can't do it for us


Sunday Sundries

Just in passing

What he was trying to say


Not that it would have made a difference



Sunday sore

Very, very busy

We bring the bad news, joyfully

The Man Who Lost His Lids

What does your photography say?

What was I saying?

Gone Sailing

Sunday Sundries

I used to jump here

We try and we try


So I like trees

What is lost, what is gained

Before I left the house

Sunday Sundries

After all I've done

Bugs in my coffee

Jealous of your first time

This is what we do now

Today is your birthday

Wish you were here

Sunday Sundries

There will be challenges

Hard not to laugh

Despite the prettiness of the pictures

Shadows on my birthday

Eve of Solar Return

Sunday Sundries

Without explanation

Weekend of Solar Return

I strive to be as patient as the dead

Sometimes we’re talking about several different things

Before the walk

Things will be different

Sunday Sundries

The End




The Dreams we never had is what we will become

5 days left


Flew, too high


The days are more random than we expected

Day 20

Day 19


Easter Egg

Mantra and Commentary

I lied about working on the boat

Automatic Control Systems

Bodies in motion


Wasn't what this was all about

65 line poem, Fa

We all feel it coming


What's happened since then?



The Blood Work

Monday Sundries

Museum of Worlds

The Man

The Trick

The computer is dark


I like how you say things

I understand

gate(less) Sunday Sundries

Spring of Spring

Dragging myself out of

My head is filled

The Weight of the World

The Human Experiment

Rereading Steppenwolf

The urge to disappear

ssunday sssundries

Left to my own devices

How quickly it changes

The day does drain

The Golden Light

Worm Food

Fell into a book today

Sunday, Sunday Sundries

Snow Day

Password requires 12 characters


Not that we expected anything

The Truth about Drugs

Not sure what

Sunday Sundries

A long way down

Topsy turvy

A Joke

Waking from a deep, deep slumber

There is no time

The unpickable lock

Sunday Sundries

I'm bored with being immortal

There's been a change

Spread the 'real'

Even a habit can be mechanical

Science says

Things I need to do

Sunday Sundries

A quick word

Made of parts

The whole day happens at twilight

The Honeypot

Learning to let go

Living in the midst of love & insects

Sunday Sundries

Between conversations

On the day

The way it is

Uncle Al walks into a bar

Parts of speech

The Wrong Prayer

Sunday Sundries - Bill Burroughs Edition

RECORD of a lost day

If you receive a text

3 steps forward 2 steps back

drifting, drifting

Being human 2.0


Sunday Sundries

Guilt is psychosomatic disease

The sight of it sends some people mad

A complete and whole other world

Strange fish with colorful fluorescence

Easier, when you remember, you can fly

It's like having a conversation

I apologize in advance (Sunday Sundries)


Arguing about history

You don't need your mask in here

Autobiographical Fictions

Between us


Not home yet

Heading back "in"

A break in the clouds

A break in the clouds

Depending on the Weather

From the deep

No way to capture

As it happens


I often repeat, repeat myself

Flag is moving / No wind is moving

Quickly early in the morning

Wind through palm fronds

Self portrait

My day

Well that's one way