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headphones recommended

May 16, 2022
Despite the Mosquitoes
Con/Jur/d, 5/16/2022

“There is no hitching post in the universe
-- so far as we know” Written by an official of the Metropolitan Opera, NY while Einstein was visiting, as a definition of relativity -- signed by Albert as an indication of agreement

Carrying a chair up to my room
needing someplace to sit
besides the bottom tier
of the polished pine
bunk bed

overlooking the Adirondack lake
where last night took pictures
of the Flower Moon 
Reflected / Reflected
Sky / Water 
Visual-cortex / Outside-origin

On rumor of a Lunar Eclipse
missed despite an alarm set
the event was not scheduled

for a convenient time

As the Mosquitoes buzz
around my head hat ears
consider complaining to:
The Management

The inconvenience of
putting astronomical
moments of 
at night
too late &
too early

Without regard to geographic
egalitarianism always 
cutting populations
Putting down the chair 
hear a mechanical hum
regular better 

than the insectile 

label fast / fast as an 
electric razor behind 
the closed door 
of small easy 
access toilet
by stairs

Heard a voice tentatively
say “Hello?”

“Hello” I respond
as one is apt
to do

when confronted by unseen forces
unhitched from expectations

“O right
never mind then”
They say.

Con/Jur/d, 5/16/2022