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Keeping it

there was something about art

Sunday Sundries

The Everyday Twisting & Turning

Sunday Sundries

Another D@^^^ ^ poem

Yup, 5 poems in 5 Days

Flight 10523 now leaving from the Paragate

Missing the annual retreat

Swing of things

On the 7th day

Sunday Something

Gate(less) poetics

Change in the weather

Spiders were on my mind

A Collusion of Hours

The Plurality of Sunday Sundries Spacinesses

Blue Super Moon

Missives from camp

Twilight Vision

Happy Birthday Tracy!

The Way of Water

And the surprise, it is to be alive

A Mood

endlessly defeated by the enemy inside

What happened yesterday

Sunday Sundries

Under a tornado watch


Back to daily?

Deep Time Test

remembering we are animals



Port of call

Sunday Sundries


Space/Time travel between worlds

Sitting zazen on the flight out of Syracuse

There's a certain sort of geek

Don't go past the dock

Miss me?

The slightly shorter day after Summer Solstice

Sunday Sundries

One of those weeks of expansion/contraction

Sunday Sundries

11 Page writing exercise

A History of Fires

A walk through a new cemetery

Sunday Sundries

Machines glitch

Black Elephant today @ 2 EDT

Sunday Sundries

Growing Pains

Sometimes it helps to be campy

Sunday Sundries

Days without the internet


Sunday Sundries

little loops


Just attended a Tracy K Smith reading

Midway through the Zen intensive

Sure, there's some poetry

The moment is selfish


Sunday Sundries

Day 27

Occasionally, just give up

wrong footed

Sunday Sundries with a NaPoWriMo lens

Day 22

I hear you don't like poetry

Dangerous to listen to too much music

I like how it sounds

Stopping to let them through

Off for Oysters & Adventures

The re-embodiment of Black Elephant

Took a day to immolate

Echoes of an unfelt hour

This is what I sound like when uninspired

That day in spring everyone remembers

In want of a title

Good Friday

Assays without measure

I must admit to an existential fatigue


Day 3 (daily dose)

Sunday Sundries

Often, there are adventures before you awake

I just have to type t for

The raw experience of youth

Spring has Sprung

Back to it

This a photograph


Equinox 2023

Sunday Sundries

We're both a bit sickly

I'm Back


There was something I forgot to say

Sunday Poetics

The Struggle


F-Bomb and other public infractions

Monday Messiness

Quiet Friday

Lost in transition

On writing poetry after 8.5 hours sleep

A brief history of today

gate(less) poetics

If nothing else

misc. vacation slides

The Vacancy (after the Vacation)

Sunday Sundries (in transition)

Always leave in the rain

The crumbling Edge of Empire

There are people whose job is to rake the sand

Tired on holy(day)

Island too


Landed 2


"I will not speak of the mountain"

Even in familiar spaces

6 Images, 6 words, 6 songs

Let yourself ff-up

Sunday Sundries

I do feel like there is some capacity for understanding

Non attendance

Best Served

Waiting for Rain

Where art thou ...


I was showing off

Sunday Sundries

The Drop

Friday Drone


Hypnic Jerks

Almost too high

Sunday Sundries




All mornings are magical

Good we have a few inside jokes

Ambient Communications