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Nov 19, 2022Liked by Con/Jur/d

In art school my comrades always said 'cheat to win'... xD

my dad taught me, by example, to always find the present to be the best time of his life-- he really believes it, no matter how many times he has claimed to be having the best time of his life-- so I try to use that adaptability in my favor, try to see how right now is absolutely perfect and how I never could have imagined how good it would feel to be here, but-- miracle of miracles-- here I am.

Perhaps even better: it's 'good enough', a concept I have finally realized has an even greater application than 'perfection', which will always be my obsession, but also a distraction-- from 'good enough', which actually requires quite a bit of precision to identify and execute...

Is the painting done? Yes, it's 'good enough', and in retrospect, given enough distance, finally I am able to see that I had achieved perfection, it was only the desire to keep going, while refusing to let go, that caused me to tear it up and remake it so many times instead of saying 'right, good enough' and then moving onto the next vine.

Monkey medicine... when to hold on, when to let go. Keep up the momentum through the jungle. It's okay to always want that next fruit or that next laugh. But you won't get there if you're holding onto the empty branch...

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