"There came a great swirling"

The elliptical laws of love

Con/Jur/d 8/8/2020

"When he understands he is her child and clings to her. He will be without danger
when the body dies."
Stephan Karcher: “Total I-Ching” Page 87, Hexagram 2, Kun

(Kun means field opens)

Fecund rolls through
our mouths, lips, tongues
like sinless-sex,
soft slippery and slimy.
Taste of sweet-salty, umami.
Punctuated by, give, and take.
Accentuated by culturally conditioned
curses caterwauling loudly between
artificial constructs,
expansion constrained
by good-bad, yes-no.

(Fēi means Luxurious, fragrant)

Where does our sin lie?
In the sterile hiss of a preacher's pandering?
Or an older impulse:

Move to the valley,
kennel the wild beasts.
straighten the river,
calculate the fields.

(Cùn means measure)

Meanwhile, She keeps birthing
Forms arise from the long-dark
Suns bloom from the firmament
their scat becomes whole worlds.
We're told by Master's of Measure
"There came a great swirling."
Parthogenically ecosystems arise.

(De means particle)

Our greatest error
"We came into."
Corrected, we say.
"Come out of."

The Great Mother
Who births the prion.
Who begets the virus.
Who births the biome.
Who begets the meteorite.
Who births the oxygen breathers,
who require different means.
Who begat Culture and culture
who fermented new consequences.
and on and on and on and
arriving here,
now, you/me.

"A poem is not made," we say
"it is not-meaning, not-translation,
from nothing, it is born."

"Fecund, fecund, fecund!".

Season of the Slug (Skillful means)
Con/Jur/d 11:11

It's the Season of the Slug
Potato, Cigarette. I
stare at weeds, pluck words, and try
to remember to speak it.

It's the season of spider-
thread and how you try to brush
it away long after, gone.

Language, like time, betrays us
often. The Season of Slugs

requires a different means.

Never Wrote
Con/Jur/d 2/16/20

There was something
some-thing to be said
Said ‘stopped writing’
writing love-letters my
My letters were never
Never-understood what
What wasn’t wrote

Wrote before
before accepting
Accepting a poem
A poem is composed
is composed of the whole
The whole body of breath
Breath and beating alchemy
Alchemy catalyzed will never
Never-ever explain how

You knew
You knew

How you knew what was never
What was never wrote never there
always here.

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