The Garden of Because

"Re-enchantment is resistance" - David Southwell

The Life-Cycle of Potatoes

Con/Jur/d 2020 Spring-Autumn

“The Heart Sutra” Translation & Commentary by Red Pine, pg. 50

Nothing… with whom all buddhas are linked, belly to belly

Is this poetry?
A picture, and commentary from a translator.
How about misquoting Craig Ventner:
“If Creationists have a problem believing we are descended from Apes, what will they do when they realize we are made up of the same genetic stuff, as the common potato.”
Is it poetry?

Asked to choose a Way,
An Art, to focus
My Dharma practice,

I still can surprise
I and I chose the
Ekphrastic poem

Of the Cook, again.

Being bent but not broken
By Euell Gibbons and his kin
When asked,
“Does your potato
have Buddha Nature?”
I answer:

“Wild violets taste best
in Spring before wild
grapevines join
to poison-ivy, an
amulet who protects
the young from bitterness."

The wedding ring I recovered after burying and then excavating along with the potatoes is symbolic of spheres/an inside joke about the nature of practice/much like L.A.N.G.U.A.G.E the hope is, it is so self-referential, it becomes universal, in the throat-tickle becoming a chuckle/but really, it’s about my Mother and how she lost hers/But is it poetry?


I bet you thought I used ekphrastic wrong. Or you need to look it up; Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I really don’t have time for this today, we have to winterize our sail-boat, and live onboard for a post equinox weekend. There is a saying about zazen: “20 minutes, every day. Unless you don’t have time and then an hour.” It’s about attention. Are you back? Good. So, I started rushing and was heading out back to check on the garden:

If that’s not art, I don’t know what is. Mary Oliver, I believe, would agree. Not that I’m claiming Intelligent Design, Evolution, or hyperlinks (the greenish words are hyperlinks btw) are poetry, but they do seem to be, imo, fingers pointing toward the same moon. Back to cooking. I just wanted to give a quick trigger warning, I’ll be using some local pasture-fed kielbasa. From my point of view, I’m not ready to give up, and fully embrace the privilege of getting a seat at the EndTimes Technocrat Cafe. You probably don’t agree. And I’m fine with that. As long as, given the evidence above, we can agree at some level we’re all cannibals? Fine, fine, fine. believe what you will. You can make it vegan. I have before. It’s still good. This is a Latvian stew, re-invented, re-constructed based on our childhood memories. My Brother and I like to make a pot for a long weekend of movies and games. Assuming, of course, his wife isn’t around. She doesn’t appreciate the smell of boiled cabbage. I thought it would be a good use of our first potatoes. Grown from sprouted organic store-bought, as close to free as there is now. O! and butter from grass-fed cows:

If the e-mail is cutoff, please go to the web-page. Otherwise, how will we know where to find each other? It’s not on any google map and 42°06'03.8"N 75°56'56.1"W is just a notational-data-point, barely a map, certainly not a territory.

If you answered “Yes!” or “No.” consider this your invite to the Barrow of the Exhumed Potatoes. ‘Til next time y’all, I hope you’re hungry,