Taproot 3

Calling us home

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Impacts: Field bindweed is one of the most problematic weeds in the world. Due to its rapid growth and ability to grow over anything, this weed can out-compete many favorable plants. Once established, these weeds can cause considerable crop damage or loss. It can also be very difficult to permanently remove in residential settings.

“I bow

10,000 times a day

To my vines and entanglements

One day of inattention

And a good rain

It is for naught”

More a Story than a poem I sd

Song he sd

Instruments tuning in an empty hd

We had sd

Bones long-forgotten shifted taproots nd

Silence sd:

“If you fight a Dragon

You will become a Dragon.”

“What’s wrong with Dragons?”

In its first year it can grow from seed into a plant with a root system five feet deep and ten feet in diameter with many plant shoots. Each plant will store nutrients in the root system that can reach depths of greater than fifteen feet and will grow new plants wherever the root is broken. 

Field bindweed grows long, twisting, vine-like stems that form tangled mats along the ground or climb up and around nearby plants and structures. It has trumpet shaped flowers that are mostly white but may contain pink, and are about an inch or two in diameter. The flowers usually emerge individually on the stem but may be in groups of 2 or 3. Leaves are deep green, can be smooth or have fine hairs, and are an arrowhead shape. Seeds are produced at the base of the flower in a pair of seed pods that contain 1 to 4 seeds each. Each plant can produce as many as 500 seeds that can sprout for over 50 years. 


I had a common dream
Here on the edge. In the failing
Institution I contracted Covid-19

Angry. Sad. Victim.
Awoke to a jaw so clenched
It broke a tooth.

Down to the root.
“Do you think In dreams?”
I asked. “Yes, all The time,

She said.
Let’s try again
On my twenty-first birthday

I consulted the oracle six times
Each one came up hexagram one
Dragons rising.

Having been born under/
Over the sign I found it
Significant. Needless to say

I did not look at the I-Ching
For a very long time after.

Calling Us Home

Robins leave dewed grass to
Me. Feet wet. Water drops from
Trees. Is it raining? Wind blows
My thoughts hither and away.

‘til next week, see you around the stove!

Just missed 11

Con/Jur/d 7/17/2020