Taproot 2

And Bonuses

How to build a Reader for your work
Con/Jur/d 6.27.2020
Damage trauma
the robes of victimhood
reliable entries into the Commons
I’ve always been allergic
to the controls of grammarians
their hooks pierce the self
shatter the silence with demands
for focus attention Qliphothic
gatekeepers for the demon Clarity
whose obfuscations cause
Spring depressions sleeplessness
at the eternal 3 am hours
Though in truth
how would we survive
without our Pact
the Noble Silence
between us would have
nowhere to affix
nothing and nowhen
to separate us but
heartaches’ bedevilments.

God of Plague

6/30/2020 Con/Jur/d

Was training for this,
still, surprised when
Redmasks burst into

dreamroom, show
how; reach past skin,
bones, blood & organs

into hollow beneath.
Sense: ‘We belong,’
Holds us tight.

Tighter. The Age of
Not Breathing. Prayers
for breath, unanswered.

Rome’s Enforcers lack
basic human empathy
& Ventilators isolate &

Atmospheres are violated
again & again. Need to
learn how to bow & then

again. “Ashe Baba,
ashe. We thank you, not
for the End, but for the

Beginnings without ends!”
Satisfied, we are handed
Faces to protect

us from emptiness
we put them on

& breathe.

That’s it for now. See you next time. And, until then, see you

‘round da house!