That's not a portmanteau!

The Little Red God

When I said,
“I’m playing Pokemon Go”
He said,
“Aw man, you should be looking
for ‘real’ portals.”

Soon after,
his wife gave birth.
He cut
old friends and acquaintances off,
finally understanding
the difference between theory
And ‘real’ practice.

Rain is a Hard Consonant

Rain hits harder when
Letting World
In without judgment
Or an outside.


Con/Jur/d pre-2009 - a personal favorite

Not a nature mystic by any means necessary prefer urban traits, jangled nerves precious addictive tension

scoff at any enlightenment requiring trees, rocks, and bloody claws. But for the sake of clarity one cannot beat:

boys, boats and occasional fish bitching brothers basking between birds and bass under an active sky

a fix of innocence, first thought better thought, a literal and obviously conscious stream, patiently drawing lines through mountains

daring to say babbling brook alliteration gently describing a ten thousand years voice breaking and bubbling

our cultural anomaly of living second to second by making all seconds, the same. It took her only one rainy

season to smile, but all human history does not yet understand what she implies.

When this arrives, I’ll be there:

rather than:

regardless, I’ll see ya’all here:


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