Looking for Words

Gratitude is a doorway

Looking for words
Con/Jur/d during The Interminable 2020 (who slips
into the same receding topography
as other years)

“I can see
you have
but due to ex -
perience and
who you are,
you still believe
there are words.”

I went looking:

First in a broken cup,
painted by a scarred
imperfect hand and
found no language
to describe its

Maybe a recipe?

We were
missing our families.
Obviously a deconstructed
Green-Eggs and Ham.
Chawanmushi from
left-over-detritus strewn
by “National-Gratitude-Day
for Fairy-Tales and
the horrors-they-hide,”
would fill the hole.

Nothing I say,
can convey,
the taste.

In desperation,
I turned to Dr. Benway.
who offered me an inoculation
for a virus from outerspace.

Wordless. turn back to the Doctor of Seuss (who couldn’t get away with it now):

I am Sam. Sam I am.

Really, visit the link: https://www.metapsychosis.com/sam-i-am-green-eggs-and-ham-as-secret-mystical-revelation/

I wanted to explain
it this way:
Breathe in
and say “I”
work it down
into the hara,
deep into the
dan tien. Now
exhale and intone
‘Am.’ Repeat,
until you know it
to be true.

My words were stolen;
But it’s OK;
I stole them in the first place.
We are all Sam now.

Wordless, with nothing left to say.

Happy branches on the One-Tree!

‘til next time ya’all, I’ll see you on the inside.

Missing you.

With love & appreciation,