Best of


Con/Jur/d 5/3/2020

It’s good to remember

we are all Crocuses

blooming by the cemetery

in the late Spring.

Before it was Decided
Con/Jur/d 5/5/2020

Depending on what book
he is reading as leaves 
hinted red radiate languid
insects vaporous resins
sitting on the sturdy
splintered yet abandoned 
Deer platform overlooking
fields of Dogwood Sumac
Ragweed with the occasions 
Buck Fawn Doe gunless
fully engaged in what
is written while

awareness of Sun’s
suspensions - Web Pollen Birdsong
the depth and breadth of their lazy
illuminations will determine
how it comes-out in 
the end.

The technical details of inserting oneself into the day
Con/Jur/d 6/22/2020
In comparison to -
the buzz of Housefly,
uncaring of his domestic rank,
bathing in daybreak’s chanted
sonic vibration, his heliotropic
drive to escape into the light, to thrive
to multiply in long rise and fall in a brief-
brief life frustrated by happenstance,
soon after-egg, attracted by the 8’000
illuminations of crosshatched fields
stainless steel heavens above
a radiant silica earth below,
a desert world isolated
by opaque plastic
horizons; resonates
without ever asking,
“Why is this?”
- our news of the self,
causes a rude and rough

(Cueva de las Manos Painting 7’300 BCE, Santa Cruz, Argentina)

Con/Jur/d 4/4/19
(Cueva de las Manos Painting 7’300 BCE, Santa Cruz, Argentina)
Do you remember
when we were talking
The Fall from Grace
the concreteness of Analog
the liminal liquidity of Digital
unencumbered by physics
an entire civilization moving
into the imaginal
As the fire burned
beneath incense and resin
smell of wet stone
acrid paints the tang of sweat
the oxygen rich sweetness
and the funk of loam
our family gathered
arm in arm
breath enfolding breath
And we were still basking
in the afterimage of the Break
The resulting Flash when the One
became The Many under the weight
of language and the utility of opposable
thumbs and I grabbed the bone-pipe
and said ‘I need a little light’
You let go my hand
and reached for a single spark
floating away from everything
and I saw your hand in profile
reaching for Matter
returning to its source?
Yeah, its like that.

Until next week,


See you on the Nature Trail!