9/3/2021 Part 1

“Not to say you aren’t subject to the weather — liminal activities tend to make the understanding acute rather than chronic — your weather subjection is all of our business now”


“Our relationship to the weather is changing rapidly — are we the comfortable frog? Do we learn to hop on the bubbles? Or adjust to being part of the stew?”

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“I didn’t mean to get serious — We were always going to wake up — So did they just flash out? Or are they waiting under their own weather? For you to stumble back in? ‘A long way from hurricanes and firestorms ain’t chya?’ they might say”
“Knowing you — they wouldn’t use chya — with the zig in the jetstream things are getting harder to predict — real prophecy or go home! Certainly don’t plan a career as a weatherperson”

Later, y’all,

Con/Jur/d, 9/3/2021