Curated by Andrew A. Ahn

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A different kind of gate

My brother, who is an extremely talented writer, has been collecting my poems for years. I asked him to curate a few of my pieces since I’m the absolute worst judge of my own work. I’ve been surprised in the past by what people ‘Like’ and consider interesting. Fascinating, to see certain poems from a radically different POV and a different life. These were written in 2005. Andrew did not disappoint.

Standing in Line: Where/When That/They
Con/Jur/D Monday Mourning, June 20, 2005, 9:17 AM

Feral Mundanity
Postmodern Virus
Is where the evil

Banal Plebeians
Ordinary Being
Is that of the

Reborn Misogynic
Temporal Decadence
Is when ethics are

In Truth
Or lie
They just wanted a

The Middle Age

Con/Jur/d 6/3/2005

Hungry Hipsters

Slack Jawed


Going to see our Heros

For direction.

Ginsberg winks

Creeley laughs

Waldman chuckles

We needed a way through

Missed Haight

Lost Roads

Mall Rats

Quarter Games

Standing in line for poetry

Bored wanting

And This

That is


Until Taproot 3, see you around the ololiuqui!