The cludge between

Due to an excess of moving parts, Dream Architects ( Re & Dis Inc. ) deny & claim any ( & all ) liability, culpability & susceptibility to intrusions from perpendicular & parallel timelines, dimensions and for those lurkers out there, who are:

just considering

unable to commit

afraid of unplanned, rule-free & heterodox polarities

we’ll simplify and say ‘realities.’

A picture is worth:





E: All of the, none of the, &:

After the incident, but before his Saturn return, mediated by a rather shattering preemptive kundalini strike, he created a mantra: WAT? TAW! TAT. All meant to be post-incident navigation, pre-GPS, GPS, a compass-rose for his rapidly inverting magnetic and true north.

Roughly translated, from the original text, which had grown thin from an almost constant reapplication of infernal acids like Lysergic acid diethylamide:

WAT? (World as Text):

TAW! (Text as World):

TAT. (Text as Territory):

If it were true, there would be no need to say anything else. Although, if I did say anything, it might be: Nature & Architecture is greater than the sum of their boxes & the map is not the territory, nor can it be constructed as a sum of its parts.


Until next time y’all, I’ll see you by the totem, or is it selfie?